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Goldie3474 – Alissa - KNOTTIE OF THE DAY!!!!!

Hi girls!!

This is a fabulous way for us all to learn more about each other. Answer the questions below and feel free to tell us anything else about yourself!

If you would like to be included, please respond with your first name and knottie name, thanks!!


1. First Name & Fiance's First Name

2. Your Birthday & Age and Fiance's Birthday and Age

3. City Born In?

4. City Live in?

5. Where did you go to college?

6. What was your major?

7. What is your current job?

8. What is your dream job?

9. How did you and your fiance meet?

10.  When did you get engaged and how did he do it??

11. When is the Wedding Day?

12. Where is the ceremony and reception?

13. What are your wedding colors?

14. Where are you honeymooning?

15. Favorite wedding vendor so far?

16. Biggest wedding splurge?

17. What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't?

18. Another knottie wedding you'd like to attend?

19. Favorite book?

20. Favorite movie?

21. Favorite tv show?

22. Favorite wedding dress designer?

23. Any advice you can give?

24. Anything you wish you could change about your wedding?

25. Share something about yourself!!
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Re: Goldie3474 – Alissa - KNOTTIE OF THE DAY!!!!!

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