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My First Check :) Shoes??

I guess the January siggy thing had me looking for shoes and I started obsessing lol My date has been pushed back until May 2012 so keeping them locked up is going to be soooo hard! Anyways, I searched all over South Florida for these Paris Hilton shoes and they were NOWHERE to be found... I ended up ordering them on shoes.com for about $90 and they are scheduled to be here Monday :) Today, I was in Marshalls for no apparent reason at all and spotted my shoes from a mile away. I rushed over to the CLEARANCE rack and they were IN MY SIZE for $29.00!!!!!! The only pair of Paris Hilton's in the store and in South Florida!! I am still so excited that I came home and went right on the knot because no one else understands...Good thing for free returns ;) Thanks for letting me share.

Re: My First Check :) Shoes??

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