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Westview Country Club in Miami

Do any one have any feeback or reviews on Westview country club its one of the places we are looking at ???
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Re: Westview Country Club in Miami

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    Wish I could help. Sorry.
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    Photo of Alex F. I googled some reviews and here's one. This place is beautiful! Thinking about it also.




    Alex F.

    Miami, FL

    4 star rating

    I'm not sure why this is recorded as closed, my sorority had an amazing formal there at the beginning of May less than two weeks ago! At first, we were unsure about the notion of having our annual event at a country club when we typically stick to restaurants and hotels, but this could not have been more of a success. None of us involved in the planning are members of the club and I'm not advocating membership since I know little about it--  but for a wedding or other large event this place is fabulous! We had over 200 people at our event and did it for well under any average wedding budget these days!

    The managers love to decorate and even on our tight budget they managed to pull together a ballroom decorated better than anything we could've hoped for. We had a buffet-style dinner and cash bar and everything went according to plan, after the many events we've had I think it's safe to say that food and budget-wise, Westview Country Club was by far one of the most successful! The dance-floor was huge, larger than any you could find in a hotel ballroom, and there were multiple rooms around the beautiful entrance way (perfect for photos!) that people could lounge around in if dancing wasn't on their agendas.

    I'm not sure about the Club itself-- I know there is a golf course associated with it and I'm sure there are other facilities but as a large-event venue location, I'd definitely recommend checking this place out!

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