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Good flight pricing from NY/NJ to FL?

To any of you who are getting married in Florida and live up in NY/NJ-- when do you think is best to book the flight?  We're wondering when would be best price-wise.  I just looked up on Expedia and it's approx. $228 from Wed-Mon.  Think it can go down more or is that a good price?
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Re: Good flight pricing from NY/NJ to FL?

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    Thats a good price.. you MAY be able to get it a little lower but not much. The cheapest I ever came across was $89 one way.
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    That's great pricing! I would book it while you have that price.. the lowest I've ever find when we go see our family in N. Jersey is 270. Also, have you tried FLL? Sometimes it's cheaper that PBI. 
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    I have been watching for my family for a while and $228 was the best so far. Everyone is booked!!!
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    i fly frequent from NY - FL .... as my FI family is still in NY .... we fly JetBlue or SouthWest only ... flights usually run us around 79-100 each way ... we go from either JFK or Islip to FLL everytime .... when is ur wedding .. bc also depending on the date ... that will make the prices go up ... i know i just checked the flights for my wedding weekend ... and they were 89 each way on JetBlue to fly from Saturday to Monday ... I have a sunday wedding ...

    hope this helps!!!
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    I use Kayak.com to help find the best prices.  I thinkthat it depends on when you are flying.  When my parents fly beck and forth, they usually use AirTran out of Westchester.
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    Thanks for the info. ladies!  I must have been tired when I posted last night and should have mentioned we're flying from Newark (since it's closest and less hassle) and getting married in South Beach, so we're prob. going to have to fly to MIA so we don't have to worry about a longer ride from the airport to the hotel.  Oh and we're getting married 11/10/12, which is Veteran's wknd., so I'm guessing it may shoot up in price soon since it's a holiday.
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