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I used this company, representing musician Brett Foreman, for my wedding entertainment. This took place in a fabulous hotel in Naples, Florida (which I don't want to name). I just want to tell my story to any other Florida brides as I wish I had seen a review before paying my hard-earned cash for their service and having them almost ruin my wedding.

We were looking for, one or two artists with guitars who played party favorites, in the style of the musician you might find in Tommy Bahamas.

Between meeting Paul Lawrence of Tal-ent Productions and the wedding (April), I found him to be difficult to make contact with and had to have the hotel intervene to get hold of him. Annoying but forgiveable.

We devoted many hours, looking through the playlist that you provided, picking out songs we wrongly assumed Brett would play, which our guests would enjoy and emailed them a detailed list.

On the day of the wedding after the dinner was finished, Brett Foreman set up with his laptop and started to play some music. Firstly, we had dreamed of our first dance song being played by a live musician and in fact this came from a laptop. After we approached him asking when the live music would start, Brett went on to play another few songs and then set up his guitar and proceeded to play a couple of sad songs which certainly did not set the tone for a beach party.

We approached Brett and asked would he play a few upbeat numbers to get people dancing and to our shock and dismay he informed us that he didn't play music for dancing without his band and this would just not be possible.

We decided we would accept the fact that we would have a DJ for the night and we would make the most of it. But things went from bad to worse when it became clear that Brett is an appalling DJ. He was stopping songs half way through, the music went dead while he was on YouTube looking for songs.

I made a complaint to Tal-ent Productions, but they clearly have no concept of the customer always being right and fobbed me off with a long list of excuses. For example that Brett was tired as he had a few weddings that weekend. Was I wrong to assume that every wedding should be as perfect as any other?!?!

While I'm sure some brides have had good experiences with this company would hate for this to happen to anyone else, hense this review.
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