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Parent Gift Ideas?

I plan on doing an album after the wedding, but feel like I should give them something at the rehearsal dinner when everyone else is getting gifts. I had originally wanted to do a picture frame (actually a really cute then/now frame, with a picture of them and I from when I was a child and then would leave the other half of the frame empty for them to put a wedding photo in), BUT I'm also giving them a framed engagement photo for Christmas. I don't want all of my gifts to them to be pictures of me...

What are you guys doing for parents?
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Re: Parent Gift Ideas?

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    Here's what we did. We thought outside the "wedding box" for our gifts.

    For DH's mom and my mom, we got them tickets to the Celtic Women concert that they both have been talking about going to. They were priced the same as the other gifts, so it wasn't crazy expensive.

    For DH's dad, we got him a new hunting knife that he kept looking at every time we went to Gander Mountain. DH went and had it engraved for him.

    For my dad, I took the sentimental route. A new baseball glove and a new ball, signed by DH and I along with the words, "Reach back, step, and throw!" Bit of a back  story here: My dad was my first coach, and his famous lesson "Reach back, step, and throw!" Those words are echoed by anyone he's ever taught baseball to. My dad and I also went to baseball games together, even if it was just a spring training game.

    So if you need ideas, just listen to a conversation about what they want to do, but you know would never buy for themsleves. Or take a favorite memory and recreate it. Along those lines, you can also just frame your favorite photo of you and your parents in a dual photo frame. Put a note in the second frame saying something like: "Reerved for our Father-Daughter Photo" or whomever it may be.

    Hope this helps!

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    For the mom's I and getting monogram handkerchiefs.

    Dad's no clue yet!

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    Ugh, no idea! I also like the monogrammed handkerchief idea but not sure yet...
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