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Hi. I'm newly engaged just 2 months ago but my wedding is on 11/19/11. I've booked my venue and photographer and have ordered my dress but there's still a lot more for me to do. I want to see the average time when the following have been done:

Ordered invitations
Mailed invitations
Hair & make-up trail
Booked hair & make-up
Booked DJ
Booked florist
Booked videographer

Thanks in advance for the help! Smile

Re: When did you...

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    checkout on your knot homepage and download the schedule they have available. It's great and it's what I've been going by.

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    This is probably no help, but I'd book as soon as possible. To me, I'd rather be ahead of schedule and book early to get the vendors I want. So, if I were in your shoes, I'd start scheduling appointments with the big vendors (I think you can wait a bit-- but not too long-- for hair and makeup) asap.

    As far as sending out invites, like the pp said, check out the Knot's schedule. It really is helpful!

    Good luck and happy planning!!

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    lebron9lebron9 member
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    My wedding is also on 11-19-11! (what an awesome day right?!)
    So far I have all vendors booked, dress is purchased, officiants booked...
    I am going to buy invites soon.
    I rather have everything done way before the time arrives that way when it gets nearer I can plan the smaller details like seating charts etc. without the stress.

    I keep on thinking, ok, as long as I have a location and a dress, everything else will fall into place.

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    FutureMrsFezzFutureMrsFezz member
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    Ordered invitations  4 months out
    Mailed invitations  2 months out (from when the venue needed a final count)
    Hair & make-up trail  One at 2 months out another at around a month out.
    Booked hair & make-up  Ended up with a family member for both, a month out.
    Booked DJ  11 months out
    Booked florist  11 months out
    Booked videographer  Used family friend
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    Ordered invitations I'm having them designed now
    Mailed invitations I plan on mailing them 2 1/2 months out since I have alot of OOT guests
    Hair & make-up trail 3 months before
    Booked hair & make-up I booked 1 year out
    Booked DJ 1 year
    Booked florist 9 months our
    Booked videographer 1 year

    I did everything early because my date is popular 11/12/11 and I looked at videographers a year out and they were booked, try to do everything ASAP to avoid this.

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    I booked things based on the schedule, which The Knot provides.  It has been great help and I have it printed out in my wedding notebook and cross off the items, which have been completed.  

    Ordered invitations Having them created next week.
    Mailed invitations I plan on mailing them 2 1/2 months out.
    Hair & make-up traiMakeup- 4 months out. Hair- 1 month out
    Booked hair & make-up Makeup- booked 4 months out. Hair- haven't booked yet
    Booked DJ 6 months
    Booked florist DIYing flowers
    Booked videographer not having a videographer
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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    Ordered invitations 3 months before
    Mailed invitations  1.5 months before
    Hair & make-up trail 7 months before
    Booked hair & make-up 7 months before
    Booked DJ 9-10 months before
    Booked florist 8 months before
    Booked videographer Not doing video
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    littlemomo112littlemomo112 member
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    Thanks for the help ladies! I'm going to download The Knot schedule for guidance.
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