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Freaking out about Flowers!!

Hey all,
So the waking up in the middle of the night wedding panic has begun - and I'm still over 10 months away from the big day!! 

I'm trying to decide on a florist, but I guess I'm someone who is super visual because I'm having a really hard time envisioning what the entire wedding will look like - and one flower sample doesn't seem like it's going to help. Not only that but there is so much in the proposal that I'd like to change, or pull some levers here and there, while still staying in a budget. Furthermore, I'm planning from NYC so I have extra anxiety knowing I can't just drop in for additional questions, showings, etc. 

Has anyone recently been through the flower process (I'm thinking of using Daniel Events - from photos I can tell he's amazing, but you have to really trust him with his 'vision') -- i just hope his vision can replicate MY vision!!

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Re: Freaking out about Flowers!!

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    I'm using Brittany from Field of Flowers in Davie- she offered me the best deal. What's nice is that she's working in a well stocked flower shop and as you describe what you want your bouquet / centerpieces to look like, she'll pull the flowers out and show you the color scheme. It was nice because I don't know the first thing about flowers and I'm a very visual person as well.


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    You need to talk to Rose from Dream Makers in Boynton Beach. She is an absolute dream maker and knew MY vision all along while staying in line with my budget! She's absolutely AMAZING!   http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dream-Makers-Event-Decor-Company/186741265422

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