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NWR: Buying House

I've been thinking about it, it really doesn't pay to rent when I can buy a condo for 90k and pay less with a mortgage but there is a possibility in  1 -2 yrs I would be moving far far away

If you new there was a chance you were moving would you buy a house /condo /townhouse or whatever now or in the near future?

Re: NWR: Buying House

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    IMO, the housing market is not stable enough to buy something that you're only anticipating being in for 1-3 years. Some experts don't even think that FL has hit the housing market bottom yet, meaning, you could buy something for 90k now and it'll be worth 85k next year when you try to sell it. Now, if you would consider moving and renting the place out, that could be a different story, but I wouldn't do it.

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    I wouldn't do it. Being a condo owner in South Fl is the pitts for lack of a better word. Its almost impossible to sell and there are so many restrictions on renting if you decide to do that. If you don't plan on living there long term I personally wouldn't buy. I own a nice condo in Weston and my building association is crazy about who they allow to rent and there are sooooo many stipulations. exp no pets, no children, age limits etc. It took about 6 months for me to find a good solid renter that the association approved.


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    I completely agree with the PP.  You are probably better off waiting. Unless you plan to rent out once you move.
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    Thanks for advice ... I'm so tempted to buy but like I said good chance we would be moving an we won't know for 6 months to a yr
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