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Another contest...please vote for me!! And a DOC question!

Hi ladies!

FI and I are in a contest at Crate & Barrel, and I'd really appreciate your vote! Just copy and paste this link:


and click VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY. It will make you put in your email and a password (so annoying!), and then it will email you asking you to verify your vote. If you could take the minute to do this, I'd really appreciate it!

ALSO! How many of you are hiring a day-of coordinator for the big day, and how much is a reasonable price to pay? If you have a great coordinator, what's her name? Just don't want to get jipped, but don't want to be unrealistic with that part of the budget :)

Thanks for reading this--know it's lengthy!

Re: Another contest...please vote for me!! And a DOC question!

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    I'm hiring one. Currently choosing between two. It depends what you want, just the day of, the week of, the month of. Get some quotes and share, the girls will let you know what's too much or what's a good deal!
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    I'm using Karla from Stylish Events,if you email her she will email you really quick, she is really sweet. I think her DOC is about 530.00? That's a really good price compared to other people I've seen around and she has really good reviews from the girls here =)
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    I LOOOOOOVE my DOC - Here name is Letty Gobel and she is an amazing person. I seriously feel like we've become friends (we BBM each other, lol) - she's awesome, organized, and afforable to boot!
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    I am also a Letty Gobel bride. She is very reasonable and her communication is great.

    I believe that is her site.
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