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Hi everyone!  

I've definitely been MIA for a while.  We just got back from our trip to NY and I just finished my finals, so now I have to get back on track for the wedding planning .. almost 6 months away!!  

Anyway, here's my question:  my grandfather is giving me away, but I am very close to my older brother and he's been like a father to me all my life, so we are going to have a brother/sister dance in place of the father/daughter.  What are some great songs that you would recommend?  Any would be appreciated!  I hope everyone's wedding planning is going well!!  :)
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Re: Songs for dance

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    I think you need to just choose a song that is special and meaningful between you and your brother. You could look at a listing of father/daughter songs and I'm sure you'd find something that would work ("There you'll be" by Faith Hill is a good one), but think about your relationship and if a song is special for the two of you. I LOVE "I loved her first," but my dad doesn't know it and it really doesn't describe our relationship all that well, so I'm doing my father/daughter dance to "House on Pooh Corner." My fiance thought that Pooh Corner is a weird song to choose, but it brings back a lot of memories of my childhood and growing up, and I think it will be meaningful for my dad and family, much more so then a generic song that I find that's meant for such occassions.
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