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So bummed... BUT Some good news

That I'll be missing the G2G on the 30th!!!! I so wanna meet you ladies in person.

 But THE GOOD NWR News is that I got a summer internship in Miami!!!! So I'll be down there allllllllllllll summer!!! YAYYYY!!!! I'm sooooooooo excited to be able to be with my FI. And we're going to move into our home over the summer (fingers crossed we find something) And I get to wedding plan locally with my family and friends!!! PLUS.. I am SO ABSOLUTELY excited for my actual job.... I'm going to be on the Latin America Marketing team for Burger King HQ!!!!

Thanks for letting me share... AND I PLEEEEASE wanna plan another G2G in the summer

Re: So bummed... BUT Some good news

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