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Bayside Marketplace advice? help!!! vent etc!! :(

Fi and I met there! Our first sporting event was at the AAA so that area has so much of our history and good memories. Our photog told me that as she was researching the location for photo ops she found out that they require a permit to shoot photos there. She said it is fine by her to wing it and see if we dont get kicked out or we can pick another location...What do we do? should we just wing it? or if you think we need another place to go, do you girls have any recs? Thanks for reading my novel of a vent!
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Re: Bayside Marketplace advice? help!!! vent etc!! :(

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    I think you should at least TRY.. but have a backup plan!
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    FutureMrsFezzFutureMrsFezz member
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    Wing it! Be sure to talk out a plan B.
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    That's really odd. Check with the city because its not like you are using the pics for a magazine or advertisement. Its for personal use. You shouldnt need a a permit.
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    twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Wing it, but def. have a plan B.
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    Wing it.

    I'm doing e-pics next week in Pasadena, CA where I lived for 4 years prior to moving here, and my photographer/friend said that she wanted to take photos at Pasadena City Hall, but wasn't sure because we're supposed to have a permit. I was super surprised to find that out because I have done 3 photo shoots there in the past, and have never had anyone tell us to get out. I think that a lot of places have funny rules that they'd like to have in place to try to make money, but don't really enforce. I definitely think it's worth going!
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