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Florida-South Florida

Jr bridesmaids

I have two - but there are no dress samples for them to try on anywhere!! One lives outside phoenix and I just went on a crazed hunt and called every single store that carries Bari jay bm in the entire state of az and not one had a jr sample! Havebt called every Florida store just about 5 - My nieces were so excited to try on dresses and pick a style of their own - so frustrating!
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Re: Jr bridesmaids

  • cmp1986cmp1986 member
    edited December 2011
    Sorry this is happening! I would just keep calling every store in FL. Hopefully you can find someone who has the dresses. If not, then they might just have to order them and hope they look right. I'll send some positive vibes your way.
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    Maybe just have them try on different styles by Bari Jay jsut so they can try on dresses, and then just have them measured and order to their measurements.
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    My niece is my JBM... she's 14 though, so I am not sure if she falls under JBM or not.

    We are all doing Bari Jay dresses as well and she tried on the sample size at the store. Granted, they used clips to mega take it in but she was able to get it on and it definitely needs to be hemmed, a lot... this is the dress she chose

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    Thanks - I know these are all great ideas and what they'll prob have to do - when I set my mind on getting something done I like go crazy trying to do it which is probably why I went on a calling spree. I also just know how excited they were to be asked they both like screamed and jumped up and down at the thought of wearing a pretty dress and walking down the aisle - so cute I wanted them to get the full expierence. Oh well
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    Just wanted to add that the model looks like she is about to seduce Brad Pitt in it... my niece looks like a beautiful little angel, not some seductive hooch lol
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