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frustrated with fi!

brief summary in case people haven't read my previous posts: fi moved up north for a really great government job while i stayed in central british columbia because i have a great job and i had just started it. we'll be apart for up to a year (wedding is the cut off where if he hasnt transferred one of us will quit and go to the other - probably me realistically because i'm a nurse and can work anywhere)
anyways we moved out of our place and i moved closer to my job, but he moved up north first. he has a bigger vehicle that can carry more and i have a little car. so i was left with all the big furniture to deal with (thank god for a wonderful fmil). that was ok because we discussed it, but fi forgot soo much of his stuff that now i was responsible to not only pack but get back to him. he has also agreed to do some of the cleaning before he left but he did none, at all. and we had discussed him taking some of the furniture we didn't want to the dump but he didn't do that either.
so now i've been busting my ass driving back and forth getting loads of things (it's an hour drive one way) and trying to get it cleaned while working full time. i never really confronted fi about it but i did tell him all the stress i was under and he's realized how much harder he made this on me by flaking on what he saw as little jobs. thank god it's almost over because i'm exhausted. and fi told me he's making it up to me, and that whatever it is will happen soon (no idea how he can make it up to me from 11 hrs away but he says it's coming).
ugh men! anyone else have a fi who is sometimes just so unaware like that? he has a good heart and would never intentionally do something to hurt or stress me but sometimes he just doesn't think!
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