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It Happened...my first wedding nightmare!

So I have read many posts in the past of ladies having terrible wedding related nightmares and I never thought I would be one of them....but I guess I am! It was a bit shambled as most dreams are, but I dreamt that all my flowers were wrong, they were all RED ROSES! Also, FI was wearing the wrong shoes (how dare he)! AND none of my BM showed up for the wedding.

 I'm pretty sure this all came from the fact that I emailed my florist last week and he has yet to respond to me, but my goodness these dreams are rough! I hope this will be my first and last!

Thanks for letting me share!

Re: It Happened...my first wedding nightmare!

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    I just love wedding nightmares! ;)

    I've found that limiting my wedding stuff before bed really cuts down on the wedding nightmares!!

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    Haha!! One of my dreams was that the entire venue was decorated in primary colors - red, yellow an blue tablecloths and nothing was ready on time. It was literally a circus. I hate wedding nightmares!! And no that won't be your last lol !!
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    I'm proud to say last night was nighmare free!
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    I had a dream that I was Kim kardashian... the dress, the venue, everything! It was me in her body.... and then I got an aerial shot... and I was BALD!!!! 
     Of course.... im not really concerned about my hair now! the one thing I WASNT worried about!

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