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Checks and cake question!

Booked our officiant and DJ! Using Robert Anderson who seems absolutely wonderful and using elite entertainment as our dj!! Got a great deal and thrilled to have him a part of the big day!

Now I need to decide on catering and cake! I know who I'm choosing for my catering but to try and save some money I wanted to know if any knottiest used a grocery store for their cake.

I was going to look at Costco, SAMs or bj's to see there prices. I know publix does wedding cakes but they can get a bit pricey. We are also just looking for a smaller 2 tier cake and the doing cupcakes for our 100 guests and I am also toying with the idea of a dessert bar. Any one get a cake from there or attended a wedding that served grocery store cake? Thanks!

Re: Checks and cake question!

  • I really like Publix's cake but never had it for a wedding. Sam's cakes are also....never had BJ's or Costco's. Have you spoken with the cake decorator at your local Publix? You may be surprised with their prices. If you are open in checking out a baker then I would suggest Shelia from Couture Confections. She was absolutely awesome to work with and our cake was way under $500, 4 tiers, sugar flowers and homemade buttercream. She even custom made our cake flavor and everyone loved our cake. She is very reasonable and will work with your budget. Let her know Dania sent you! GL!

    Other vendors to check out...
    - Kakes by K (FB)
    - Chunky Pops (FB)
    - K's Designz (FB also makes cupcakes)
    - Ary's Sweet World (FB)
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    Congrats on your checks! As for cakes. I like publix and BJ's cakes. Not sure how expensive publix wedding cakes are, or if the wholesale clubs make wedding cakes. you might also think about how the cake will be transported to the venue. I doubt Publix ot the wholesale clubs offer delivery. Not sure how you feel about someone transporting you wedding cake who probably hasn't transported wedding cakes before. Check out some bakers as Madamoiselle suggested. You might find that they are in your budget. Good luck! Let us know what you decide on!
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  • Thanks ladies! I will def check out the suggestions!!
  • I prefer Publix cake over any wedding cake I have ever had.....I also think they are reasonably priced and they will work with you....definitely make sure you go to a Publix that has a large bakery section with decorators, as not all do..... If my place didn't come with the cake, I was definitely going with Publix, just because it really tastes so delicious...I'm guilty of buying cake that they sell by the slice every once in a while, cuz it's so yummy....they also told me that they do deliver! I haven't priced other places, but I'm a very loyal Publix shopper, so it was where I planned to go if I needed one....good luck!
  • I used Enchanting Creations and really loved it. Karen is great and very affordable.
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    Our venue recommended a baker they use (they don't have a pastry chef I guess) and she was so sweet when I got the quote, it was $5 per person. But my mom was chatting with our florist and she said just go to Publix, get a white frosted cake in whatever flavor and she'll just add some fresh flowers to decorate it. I'm going to price it out the next time I'm in Florida and see if it comes out less expensive- if it does, there's our cake! I hope they can do different flavors on different tiers, but I won't complain if the whole thing is red velvet :)

    Man I miss Publix, seriously there's no grocery store that even compares.
  • I hear ya! I live in Charlotte now and I miss it so much!
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