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Sweeite- thats exactly what our ideal bar consists of. it's like you read my mind :)
Do you know any that would travel or close to Jensen Beach,FL.. I would even go as far as putting them up in a room at our  hotel for the night if it's a long drive ,more than (3hrs) for them..  I really just want them to charge like $3.00 a drink to pay for the liquor and have the tip jar and the extra money goes to the honeymoon, cause we arent doing the dollar dance.. And then pay the bartender the flat fee like you said.. 
OMG I'd really unbelievably apprecaite any help you could pass my way.. tia

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    All the bartenders I know are local here in Miami - I can ask around but I'm not sure I'll have much luck finding someone from here that will travel especially because they would have to take more than one day off of their normal job (they make the most money on the weekends) - but I can suggest a few things -

    Is there a nice restaurant that you and FI go to often, or a bar?  Maybe you already know a good bartender~ strike up a convo and see where it takes you.  Or ask around your group of friends - if they are anything like mine then one of them is sure to know a bartender they can suggest.  Last but not least I would recruit a friend - even if they dont have much/any bartending experience to do it for you.  They can wear all black or whatever you want and learn a few basic drinks.  No one at your wedding is going to ask for "a laid back screw with a twist"!  They are going to have rum and coke, vodka cranberry etc.  Not really hard to make.  They just have to be friendly and accomodating~ I'll call around regardless and let you know what I find out!
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    you know what you were right, I asked his sis and brother being that they are from there and we are from Washington and they founf us a couple of friends who would like to make some extra money.. But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, for giving me that extra boost of confidence not to give up hope and give in to the high priced vendors.. I was losing it there for a bit, but you and the knotties helped alot! thanks again hun!
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