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vendor rave for us brides that are trying to loose some lbs before the weeding

I just needed to share this great find..Caruna Spa in Brickell and its fabolous Vela Shape treatment. I wanted to shed about 7-10 pounds before the wedding spevcially on my hips and arms. Joined the gym in June, been working out regularly (more now) and watching what I eat (even more now) also taking Fruta Planta, a natural chinese herb that comes in a pill that really makes wonders on your appetite and craving without jitters or side effects. So I managed to loose about 5 pounds and keep them off (with the eventual 1 pound increase when I have been bad) but when i was getting closer to the 2 month deadline I was time to get serious! And I found Caruna Spa (through dealtifificate) and its owner the beautiful super nice Carolina. I went to ask about vela shape and I coulnd't beleive that it actually works because my biggest problem is cellulite that I have had my whole life. ladies, it does work! You are supposed to see results in 4 sessions, I can tell you I saw it in 2 sessions! Im on my third now and will do another 5. My skin is soo much smoother and soft and my thights are waay slimmer (I will measure them after session 4) but I can tell bc of my clothes. Of course ladies you have to work out (I kept what I was doing making sure that no matter waht I go to the gym at least 3 times a week (even if you just walk fast to stimulate circulation and to sweat)..before sometimes I did 2 to 3 times and in bad weeks 1 a week), drink plenty of water, cut in diet sodas, all sodas and bubbly drinks (that was my vice) and watch your diet at least 80-90 % of the time try to eat healthy and just indulge in special ocassions. And I feel so great and sexy and light..ready to rock that dress..Vela shape costs as much as 300 a session in other places but Carolina opened 6 months ago and shes really trying to help and make a name of her spa..so you can sit down with her with your budget and she will really acommodate your needs..the discount she gave me was unbeliavable! she also puts you on a vibrating maching (used by Nasa) that shakes your body to the point that u can see your muscles moving (you adjust at your pace) for 10 min which is the same as working out for 1-2 hours (and u feel it) She tailored a package to my needs (waist down: thights, hips, butt and arms just because its really important to me to have muscle by then) that includes VS and fat destroying massage with a brax=zilian massuse she has (it hurts like hell but beauty IS pain) twice a month and the results are so amazing and going to ask my mom to pay another month a s a wedding gift...if you want more info reply to this post and i will go in more details on the treatment and what it does. Worth it not to see that horrible cellulite in my thights when we take our mini HM after the wedding
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