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Ah ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya... vendors

So I finally have my MUA... my trial is, or was, this Saturday. She wanted to meet a day I'm doing something fun, so that the trial doesn't go to waste. I thought it was perfect, kill 2 birds with one stone. This saturday some of my friends from work want to take me out before the wedding. So we agreed for Saturday 2 weeks ago. I work a lot and long hours (hospital) so I've been working everything around my schedule. And I can't just call out or switch since we are short staffed right now. She's texting me right now, Thursday, if we can do it another day during the week?!?! There are a couple open spots in my schedule but again it will  be on days that it will go to waste, and one day it wouldn't but its a week before the wedding and I think it's cutting too close. So I put my foot down and said that unfortunately I work weekdays, which is not a lie, but I've been accomodating enough and I need things done.

Bridezilla is going to start coming out, I've tried so hard to tame the beast since I know I can go crazy sometimes, but they are testing my nerves. But just a small glitch, things will workout, I'm not stressing, just beggining to get irritated
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Re: Ah ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya... vendors

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    Who did you book with?
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    Good for you!!! I had an awesome trial that went to waste and it sucked cuz I wanted to be out doing something fun! Post pics if she doesn't just cancel on you!!
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