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EEEkkkkk.. my wallets almost empty!!!

It's been check after check after check this past month, which is great... I figure for me Christmas will last at least for the next month or so, LOL. I have been receiving stuff at least once a week since before Christmas!!! I just ordered my alternative for a guestbook and I am so excited for it. 

It's a handmade box with ribbon and monogram, little cards like a recipe box would have and on it guests put all their info and a wedding wish for us! I figured it was better than just having signatures and quite useful as well when I need to send out thank you's etc.

And, the best part is it was only $35--- $48 with shipping... but I think it's a great deal considering! Just though I would share :)


Re: EEEkkkkk.. my wallets almost empty!!!

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