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Found a dog, please help us find his way back home!

mmedov01 Joined on 01-10-2008 Miami 233 Posts 1,416 Points Found a dog please help us find his way hom! Hi everyone,   We found a dog in Miami a bull terrier ! He is lost and if you can please pass this information it would be great ! He is about 4-5 years old and he does have a microchip, but it was never registered. If you can also post on your Facebook and twitter will be great!   Thank you, R:)

Re: Found a dog, please help us find his way back home!

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    Thanks for sharing. I responded to you on Urgent Dogs of Miami. (I'm one of the admins there)

    Please post a pic on Urgent Dogs & also share on Miami Losts Pets on Facebook.

    Good luck!
    Emily :)

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    Aw that's so sad - they got him microchipped and then probably didn't know to register it :( that happened to me until one day a new vet checked and realized it hadn't been registered I was so happy he checked for me! So girls make sure those chips are registered b/c my first vet I got it done at told me she did it for me and was wrong. I hope you find his home and great job taking in a lost dog - you obviously have a good heart. my response is in no way helpful just a dog lover :)
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    Emily (hi Em!!)  and I are both Admin's on UDOM.... Post a pic on here and UDOM... I would be happy to post something on my facebook page for you.   I also get home again (microchip type) messages for lost pets. Im curious because after further conversation with Homeagain... All Microchips have to be registered, its a long process to find out the right information but its there. Homeagain tells me a microchip may not be registered to an owner but has to be registered to the vet office who sold it....

    Long story short... Get the chip number and brand. Call the company yourself and see what you can find out... Most vet offices dont take the time to do it correctly and come back saying "it was never registered."

    Just my thoughts.....  Good Luck, Let me know if you need anything.. Kelly

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