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MIA and a lot happening

So I am 5 weeks into my internship and I am loving it! I have an amazing group of 3rd grade students and the teacher I work with is amazing. I have been writing long lesson plans and cannot wait till week 7 when I can start to write shorter lesson plans. School takes up most of my day so I am really glad I did most of my major planning over the summer.
A students wrote a letter to my FI cutest thing ever!
"to Mr. R I hope you take care of Ms. R because when we went to lunch bunch she told us all about how she was getting married so could you please take care of her because she is really nice. To Mr. R from Student"

Well I called the bridal store and the BM gowns should be in next week but sad news my brother and SIL are getting divorced. I called the bridal store to find out if I could cancel her dress but the order is already shipped. They have been married for 2 years and things are just not working out for them.
My parents had paid for her BM dress so now I am stuck with it. I am not sure what to do?!?! I have a friend that I did not make a BM b/c she is married and all my BM beside my SIL are single. Now I have this extra dress. Do I call her and make her a BM? The dress is her size. Or do I just keep the dress for myself?

This is really hard on my family right now. 4 month to my wedding which is exciting but we are all sad about my brother. We are slowly telling family so it is not the topic at my wedding.

The invitations are in the proofing stage and they are coming out GORGEOUS. Cathy Spee (also on Etsy) whom is local is making the invitations. I will post a pic once we get the final proof.

I miss you all and sorry I barely have time to post but I do try and catch up on reading all your posts when I have time.
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Re: MIA and a lot happening

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    Hi, I haven't seen you on here, first time I read something of yours, then again I've only been here a little over a month.

    Anyways that letter was the cutest thing ever!!!! As far as the dress goes... hm... I would say to make your friend a BM since you already have the dress, but then she might feel like thats the only reason you want her. Maybe if you think she'll understand why you didn't initially make her one, then I say why not, of course if you truely want her too. Otherwise, maybe you can sell it here or on TTT. HTH =)
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    MariMac84MariMac84 member
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    That's awesome how well your internship is going! Congrats :)
    I say go ahead and make her a bridesmaid. I think her being married shouldn't stop you from asking.

    ps. that little note was adorable!
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    Hey sweetie! Aww, that is so cute from your student :)

    Sorry to hear about your brother, hun. My thoughts go out to your family. About the dress, I'd talk to your friend before offering anything to see if she would mind or not. Some people are touchy on these sujects, some are super chill and you can definitely count on them. As long as she doesn't mind, I don't see why not.

    Yay for the invites, don't forget to share pictures!
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    Karyan30Karyan30 member
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    All my BM are married except for one ! I dont think it matters, so go ahead! just explain that u wanted to make her a BM from the beginning but u had a family commitments with your SIL..also, she gets the dress for free so is not an imposition
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    I would definitely try to feel her out a little bit before asking her.  Given that  you are only 4 months out from the wedding, some people might be offended and feel like a replacement while others might totally understand.  Only you really know your friend well enough to know how she will react.  GL and sorry about your brother.
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    Hey Karen... was wondering where you went off to! Very cute letter! Bummer about your bro & sil. I don't know about the BM situation.
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