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VENT: Uninvited guests!

I get that a guest to your wedding more often than not expects that they can bring someone but I have a) a limited budge and b) limited capacity at the reception. We created the guest list carefully. I vetoed some people that would have nice to have but were not must haves. RSVPs were due yesterday and I had 40 outstanding responses.

I am so frustrated! I have people who were invited as singles bringing guests that are not their significant other. Or significant others that that they are just hooking up with. And now I have a guest who are bringing her two teenage kids. I don't have any kids at the wedding other than the flower girl, ring bearer, and the little girl that I nanny for. ARGH! I didn't want to say no kids on the invite but I was really hoping for no kids! And teenage kids... who the heck are they going to socialize with? What do I feed them? The kids meal or the meal that was already above our budget before the guest list got out of control? 

I'm sure I just sound mean but I'm so tired of people just deciding or demanding that they get to bring these people that don't know me or my FI. :(
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Re: VENT: Uninvited guests!

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    I'm so sorry that you're going through this! My suggestion is to stand your ground. If guests are RSVPing extra people then as politely as you can let them know that the invite was only for them and not anyone else. (Of course explaining you'd love to have others but due to the budget and limited reception space you had no choice.) But if you put plus one with the invite unfortunately you can't control who they choose as their plus one. Best of luck!
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    I agree that it stink that this is happening but put your foot down. Tell them as politely as possible that you have limited capacity and cannot have them bring plus 1s or teenagers. But make sure you put your foot down... we must keep to our budgets to stay sane lol

    People really do have some nerve!
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    I agree - I would probably blame it on the capacity of the reception site more than budget because that is something you really have no control over and they will have less to argue with, if they choose to be rude and try to argue.  I've already started telling ppl that friends who know a lot of ppl don't get plus ones b/c then we will be breaking fire codes in hopes things like this won't happen!
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