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How have you changed since your fiance came into your life?

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    Wow - good question -

    Gained 20 lbs
    quit smoking
    changed carrers (restaurant manager to paralegal)
    graduated from college (goes with above)
    learned patience like nobody's business
    calmed down (used to be a party girl)
    and most of all I've never been happier!
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    awww fun.

    Well, we met my sophmore year of college -- I was 18. He was 19. We were so young.. we started dating and I knew I was in love almost from the beginning.

    He was my first and true love, but prior I thought I had been in love with 2 people. Negative! They were nothing (ha!)

    I've quit smoking. I've lost weight. I've become a mush. I've learned to love jambands more. I've learned to play video games.

    I've felt complete.
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    I turned into a GIRL! yay.
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    Found LOVE =)
    Change jobs, twice...
    Moved, twice...lol
    Moved to Alabama, see above
    I grew up a little, I feel like I'm an adult now =)
    Got 2 puppies, cute little Sookie the chihuahua and Paco the Bear hehe that's how we call him
    Bought a house together
    Gosh the list goes on!
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