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Do I need to have activity baskets for the kids?

Our reception borders a park so we thought that the kids would enjoy running around there. We do have a lot of kids attending (well I haven't gotten an RSVP's) yet so I don't know exactly yet.  Do you think the park would be enough to entertain them? We are really on a tight budget and I don't want to buy stuff that won't end up being used.
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Re: Do I need to have activity baskets for the kids?

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    Depending on how young the kids are, you could totally do a kids only table and have it covered in butcher paper and have a bucket of crayons  for them to draw with on the paper, some stickers at each place setting for each kid so everyone gets some. You could also make the centerpiece a bucket of lolly pops or something similar like that. Making it a group thing will be much more economical too. They will enjoy the freedom of the park but you may want them in a more controlled situation during any special moments like speeches or first dance etc. Hope that helps and good luck!
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    We had a couple of kids and they were fine.  They ran around and danced and stuff. I thought about doing it, but as it got closer I couldn't spare the time or money.  I guess it depends on how old the kids are and how you feel about them being out on the dance floor.
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    If you do decide to go for it, Target and Michael's dollar bins are a great place to get things for the kids to do!
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    thanks for the great ideas!
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