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100 day mark!

I was just checking my knot checklist and noticed that today is my 100 day mark!! Double digits after today and i'm a little nervous that I am way behind! I have 5 things that I am overdue on! Yikes!Just wanted to share! Hope everyone is having a good day!

Re: 100 day mark!

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    hehe nice! Today I'm on my 6 month mark! with 13 things overdue! oh well...take a deep breath and do the best you the end we will be alright! Congrats.
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    Congrats! I can't believe that my 100 came and went and now I'm looking at 65!! It goes so fast but still enjoy the ride and have fun seeing 99 days tomorrow!!
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    Hey date twin! Grats on the 100 days! Are you getting really excited? I know I am :) I was looking at your bio and noticed you are getting married at The Odyssey. I almost ended up there too! They were a very close second, but I ended up at The Castaway instead (they are owned by the same company). I wouldn't worry about being overdue on some of those things on the knot list though. They are way early on a lot of them!
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    I have been to the Castaway and it is very beautiful. Same kind of view as The Odyssey, very beautiful! I'm getting really excited! I know that some of the things they are really early on so i'm not too concerned, I just don't like the red clocks next to what i'm suppose to do! hehe :) Good Luck with your planning!
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