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Hi all, I just got engaged over this summer, and even though I knew it was going to happen, I was still incredibly surprised. I really dont want a long engagement because I just want to be married to my man!! We won't have a lot of money to spend on our wedding, and I don't really care about it being big and grand, but I DO really want beautiful aesthetics for that day (and I am quite picky!). Most important will probably just be the venue--I've always wanted it to be outside overlooking something, preferably the ocean, but even a rooftop location overlooking the city would be nice as long as the view is very pretty. I would also like to have the wedding and reception at the same location. The wedding will be small--around 50 if we can make it, DEFINITELY under 100. If anyone has suggestions for venues that sound something like this and are inexpensive (or how I could go about finding or searching for sites like this--the knot venue selection definitely didnt meet the "inexpensive" criteria), that would be INCREDIBLY helpful! FYI we are aiming for next August....

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    I'm getting married at the Castaway in Burbank. For a wedding your size, the ceremony would be held on the patio over looking the city of Burbank. Then if you kept it at 50 you could do the Valley View room (I think that's what it is called) which also over looks the city. If you had to go larger, then that would be the Lagoon Room (this is where my reception will be). It's the only room without a city view, but there is a pretty waterfall feature outside the windows.With the package FI and I choose, we get a choice of 5 appetizers per person, 2 hours of a hosted bar, chair covers and table linens (these are not floor length), and a cake for about $90 per person. That is including tax and service charge, and the $5 per person charge for the ceremony. The base rate for our package is $62.95. HTH!
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    I went to a work party @ the Oviatt Penthouse. It's a great rooftop location with city views. Check out Here Comes the Guide online or pick up the book.
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    Thanks for the replies! The Castaway sounds like a definite possibility. I have been looking at the Here Comes the Guide locations, but from what I could tell about the prices (most of the venues I emailed using their form never even got back to me!), they seem pretty far out of what I think will be my budget (which I think will max out around $10,000 for EVERYTHING--although aiming for closer to $7,500). There also doesnt seem to be a way to search generally based on price. Any more suggestions for finding low-cost venues? I really want amazing food--so either someplace that has really good food (buffet style is definitely fine!) or that allows us to bring it in would be ideal. Thanks!
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    We looked at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. They quoted us $5,000 for food and 4 hours of open bar for 85 people. The room we looked at has a view of Palos Verdes, the Marina and the ocean. We would have went with that venue if we had decided on a bigger wedding.
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