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Searching for an urban LA venue that won't break the bank!!

I am still looking for wedding venues that will allow me to meet my total wedding budget of $10,000 (or less!) with an expected total of about 75 guests. A funky indoor/outdoor space that would allow for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception would be ideal--but a space that had room for both outdoors would be okay too. I am trying to stay away from the typical hotel or country club locations, and would love something unique or different--especially if it is not as much money. I have checked out the locations on herecomestheguide, weddingcompass etc., and two that keep coming up and really stand out are Marvimon and SmogShoppe b/c they have a very interesting aesthetic to me, and the indoor/outdoor space. Are there any other locations that people would recommend--especially those that may be less expensive, or really hidden jewels and would have a somewhat similar look?? Any suggestions, and especially personally experiences, would be great! Thanks!

Re: Searching for an urban LA venue that won't break the bank!!

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