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Invite officiant?

Hi Gals,Do I send an invitation to our officiant and if so do I add "and guest"?  I don't know if he is married.  TIA!

Re: Invite officiant?

  • erika13parrerika13parr member
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    We did not send an invite to our officiant,  but he and his wife did stay for dinner.  My husband asked him if he would like to stay.
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    We didn't send him an invite.  DH invited him in person to stay for dinner, but he chose just to have appetizers because he had to get back to his family.
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    We invited both rabbis and the cantor -- along with their respective spouses. They all came to the party and even got us a gift (totally not expected). Apparently there is some policy where they aren't invited to the bar mitzvahs because then they would be busy all the time -- but it doesn't extend to weddings. And their spouses are never invited .... so they were all so grateful that we did that.
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    I invited ours...cuz it's my FIL. lol. But he does do a lot of weddings for people through his church.  It's always a nice gesture to invite them. MIL isn't always invited but more times than not she is. 
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    If the officiant is someone you have a relationship with - your regular pastor, etc. - then he should be invited along with his wife. If it's just a hired officiant you found online, I personally think it's just another vendor who doesn't need an invitation.
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