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Wedding Apathy?

I have 3 more days until my 6 month mark and roughly 25 more STDs envelopes to address. I am typesetting them myself using the font that we are using for our invitations.  It's kind of annoying since my printer likes to destroy envelopes and I have to spend at least 10 minutes making sure everything looks perfect in illustrator, print out a proof, then do the envelope.  I've learned that facing the envelope opening away from the middle of the printing surface drastically reduces the chances of the printer messing up the envelope. I have tried flipping the workspace around after addressing, but can't seem to get it work properly.  So I have been addressing/typesetting all my STDS upside down--it's very annoying!I feel just indifferent.  Not excited, not compelled to do it, just plain indifferent.I have gotten to the point where I am sick of looking at the mail and looking at all the "wedding crap" that keeps coming from vendors that want my business when they should have been there between May and June when I booked everything.I decided to lay off my vendors and not bother them as much as I originally planned, but I know I still need to check in with them occasionally.I just feel blah.  Not sure exactly why.  I did reactivate my world of warcraft account, but the wedding planning as well as my class schedule has prevented me from getting in heavily into the raiding(which used to hog alot of my time prior to the proposal). But I don't think that's the problem.Anyone else feel like "bleh wedding . . ."???

Re: Wedding Apathy?

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    Im feeling the same. January is around the corner and i felt like i had everything under control and now that the date is so close i feel an overwhelming urge to just run. Im happy to get married but all the rules, all the things that have yet to get done, payments.... ahhhhh I just dont want to deal with any of it. :(
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    I'll be honest.  I'm feeling blah, and my wedding is in 10 days.  I'm just bummed because I didn't want to be scrambling at the last minute of a 2 year engagement, but alas, it's happening.  I'm just happy I was so gung ho in the beginning, or the bridesmaids would have only received a monogram bag (with nothing in it).It just stinks, because you can only plan so much to a certain point, then it's a mad dash to the end.I feel you.
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    I feel the same way- I had to force myself to handle a bunch of things I had been putting off.Honestly - I just want to be married to my fiancee, I am definitly sick of all of the wedding prep stuff.I am hoping this will pass though.
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    We had just under ten months from proposal to wedding date. I would say from six, seven and eight month countdowns, I was totally apathetic about all wedding stuff. Once I hit six, it came back and now I just hit five and it's wedding stuff every day. So I think it comes and goes!
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    You're not the only one feeling "bleh wedding...."I've been feeling it for a few weeks. I dread bringing up anything wedding related to FI. It just causes an arguement. theknot boards are the only wedding thing I've done lately. I just want to freeze time. Most of this is prob cause FI and I are not getting along at all for the past month. Sucks
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    Wow...I am sorry to hear you ladies feeling this way. I have been so excited...probably because I am just now back to planning after having to postpone our date. I can't help but think that it is not apathy...just burn out. I would want to break my computer if I had to print out every stinkin envelope. Why not write them by hand with a nice pen? Or bite the bullet and pay someone a couple hundred bucks to do it for you so you can relax? I hope you girls haven't taken on so much stress that you can no longer look forward to a great day of celebrating your love. I hope I don't sound like a Pollyanna, but we are all so lucky to have met a wonderful partner in life and that is what this day is about--so don't worry to much about perfect envelopes, shoe colors, menus, every song on the dj list, etc, etc,
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    I do graphic design. So I have done the same thing with my boss, designed logos, typeset envelopes etc. I am extremely picky when it comes to fonts and typesets so I prefer continuity.  I have taken calligraphy classes--believe me its much easier on my wrist to sit down and go over everything in illustrator that to individually hand calligraph each envelope in the chosen font.  The difference is I am working with a home printer rather than an office printer. And the home printer, while printing photos beautifully loves to get jammed.It wouldn't be the typesetting so much as the printer not exactly being the type of printer ideal for the situation.I have like 30 more to go, but I have class tonight so that is the bigger priority first.
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    Hang in there Tillea.  It's probably the stress of life and planning that's making you feel this way. This feeling will pass take a break from everything and relax, at least for a day, I'm sure you will get back to feeling happy in no time. Remember that all your hard work and dedication is for a reason and it will pay off at the end!
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