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First of all, congrats on your wedding!How was Cicada?I am going to take a look on Saturday. There is someone that has interest in 10-10-10 but they have not signed a contract so it is still fair game. I was mixing Cicada up with Oviatt House for some reason...weird! I like Cicada!
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    Thanks!Cicada was just awesome!!!  It was more than we could have hoped for.  Adelmo (who you will probably meet with on Saturday)  was great to work with the whole way through.  We were so spoiled on Saturday.  First of all,  we had our own waiter, who was on top of everything, including having cold cloths for us each time we came off of the dance floor.   The waiters were very attentive with all of our guests (folded up their napkins each time they went to the restroom - things that aren't necessary, but added that extra touch).  Also, before the ceremony,  they had drinks waiting for me and my bridesmaids, and gave DH and his guys some up at the bar as well. Then, after the ceremony,  me, my bridal party, parents and DH went out the front while the rest of the wedding went upstairs for the cocktail hour.   Ray, the restaurant coordinator, had a bar and hors d'oeuvres set up for us.  Then we took a few pictures and went up to the cocktail hour.  All of the guests said it was the most elegant and classy wedding they had ever been too.  One thing to note is that the restaurant looks much more elegant during the evening than during the day. I had to remember that when we went to visit the first few times - I had thought it looked a little run down.   Also, one of my early concerns was about where guests would stay in downtown that was reasonabley priced. Turned out that the Biltrmoe (a block away) has a special price for weddings at Cicada (only $119 per night!).  We got a suite which was more, but also allowed us to have a bunch of getting ready pictures as well as pictures in the fabulous Biltmore lobby. It was funny - I actually thought of you on Saturday night.  We got to go up to the Oviatt Penthouse for some pictures.  While I was up there, I saw the black and white dance floor and realized that must've been what you had meant!!!I hope to post some pictures soon.  Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions - I'd love to help out! My email is marikajane at gmail.
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