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Wedding certificate question

This might seem like a dumb question, but I'm going to ask anyway.  :)  So on our wedding day we signed the marriage certificate and everthing and so did our officiant.  Then he took it and mailed it to the court I guess.  We didn't do anything else.  Are we supposed to now order our copies ourselves or do we have to wait for some confirmation from the Court?  We have one copy that is handwritten (we actually filled out two the day of) and we have one copy.  Which one do we send in?  I'm so confused.  :)

Re: Wedding certificate question

  • SMHubbardSMHubbard member
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    Did you mail a check and a form requesting copies of the marriage certificate with the license?
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    Our officiant sent ours in, then we had to wait 3 months for it to be recorded, then DH went to the registrar, paid for the copies and picked them up.
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    We haven't sent anything in ourselves becuase we figured we needed to get some notice from the court that it was actually recorded (when the officiant sent in the paperwork).  It sounds like you waited 3 months before you sent in your check for copies?  So did you get some notice that it was recorded before your husband went in to buy the copies?
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    Hi,We sent in our copy that the officiant gave us that was filled out with a check in the envelope that they should have given you when you got your marriage license then it took about 2 months to receive the certificate.  Our officiant mailed in the official copy but you have to mail in the request to obtain a copy of it yourself.
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    We actually didn't send in anything to request copies.  We kept calling and they would not tell us if it had been recorded yet, just told us we had to wait 60-90 days and then come and check in person- so that is what we did.  DH went to the office and paid for them there.
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