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Has anyone done alterations at David's Bridal in Burbank? Other suggestions for seamstresses?

I have my wedding dress but I need it altered. Since it's from the Vera Wang White line for David's Bridal, I figured their seamstresses are probably used to altering this dress (needs bust and hips taken in slightly, and needs to be hemmed substantially). However, I'm wondering if anyone has had their dress altered at the David's Bridal in Burbank? And what are some other reliable options for seamstresses in the area? I live in L.A. (Koreatown) and would like to travel no further than 25 miles for my seamstress. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Oh and this is my dress: :)

Re: Has anyone done alterations at David's Bridal in Burbank? Other suggestions for seamstresses?

  • I had my alterations done there years ago for a BM dress and their prices were horribly high (and that was just for a simple BM dress!).  It might be a little more than 25 miles but Reene (pronounced Re-knee) with In Stitches is amazing and has done mine and many other ladies alterations on here.  This board is actually how I found her.  She's located in Woodland Hills and it's her and her assistant that works from her home.  She's quick and percise with her alterations and even made my veil for me.  I had a lot of alteration work to be done with my gown and it took her two fittings (the first to see what needed to be done and the second to make sure everything was in place and to cut my veil) to colplete all work.  She is also very reasonably priced.

    Here's her contact info with other reviews on Yelp:
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  • I'm using Renee also she's pretty amazing personality. I found her here on the board I pick up my dress this Friday. I'll post and let you know how she did.
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  • I'm using Marie Nelson from West Coast Couture. She's been doing wedding dresses for over 15 years and is located in Palms. Her prices are pretty reasonable.
  • Thank you all for the suggestions! Joysyear, I would love an update from you when you get your dress this Friday! :)
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