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Hi Ladies, I'm just starting to look for a photographer and I'm not sure what to look for other than price... any suggestions? 

Also, what's the average cost for photographers.  I am starting to think that they are going to be MUCH more than I thought they would... :(

Anyways, any photographer suggestions in the LA area? 

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    Yeah, when I started looking for photgraphers I had sticker shock.  However, the more I thought about it, I realized the good ones have an amazing talent and it is worth it.  I am still finalizing my photographer.  I am leaning towards a recommendation of my florist.  My other front runner was recommended by my venue.  My point is, often times you can get recommendations family, friend, other vendors, or project wedding.

    Look on their website--do you like their style?  Candids, posed, closeups, lighing? 

    I would budget 10%??? So maybe $1500-$3000. Depending on what type of wedding you are having.  I had a friend that spent $5000, but her wedding budget was over $60,000.  I am looking to spend less than $2500.
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    My photog recommendations are:
    Anika London Media (who I'm using)
    Micah Dahlberg Photography
    He and She Photogrpahy

    HTH!  GL!
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    I am using Nataly Lemus. She has been great to work with so far. She wasn't pushy and I liked her chill but professional attitude. She is reasonably priced, she ranges from $1000- $2000. A few of the knotties have or will use her so they might provide more info.
    HTH. Smile
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    We used Craig Rucker and were very happy with him.  One thing we loved is that he shoots the day of for unlimited time.  He came to the bridal suite while I was getting ready at 1 and didn't leave the reception until just before midnight.  He has various packages for different prices.  We liked his work and found him very easy to work with.  GL!
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    You could also look at  There are price ranges as well as reviews on photographers and pretty much all other vendors as well.  This is where we found our photog:  SoCalSunshine Productions.  Have not officially used them yet, so I can't really recommend them, but def. check them out.
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    I looked at vendors on TK and project wedding. I met with 4 people and ended up going with Kristine Ambrose. She's not an exclusive wedding photographer, she's actually an art photographer, but I love her style and really clicked with her.

    I saw lots of great samples of work for photogs charging $4,000-$6,000 or more, but my photo budget was under $2,000. It's important, and I put as much money as I could towards it. One way to limit your cost is not to buy a full package - just get photography coverage and a high-resolution disc of the images so you can print them out later. Buying an album for your photographer is likely to add an extra $1000+. Good luck!
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    my photographer was a little higher priced (and just raised her prices), so I think her lowest package is $4000. The pictures turned out AMAZING, but she is pretty slow. I just got my pictures last week from my August 22nd wedding. (I tried to be patient w/ her, I thinks her problem is she's overbooked). A friend of mine just used Ashleigh Taylor and her pictures look pretty awesome too. And she was ALOT cheaper than mine. Another one I like is Alex Neumann, I'm not sure on his prices though. A couple of my friends have used him, and he does really good work too. Good luck! 
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:68Discussion:4845e0a2-af59-4bb1-b08a-4383849ed718Post:fba7abdf-97a7-41b2-bd2a-69e63d836a04">Re: Wedding Photogs</a>:
    [QUOTE]My photog recommendations are: Anika London Media (who I'm using) Micah Dahlberg Photography He and She Photogrpahy HTH!  GL!
    Posted by ArtistsBride0410[/QUOTE]

    This was an awesome post, I really enjoyed those recommendations. I am in the process of booking <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and the albums look amazing!

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