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How Much Did You Have to Pay for Alterations? Recs?

The bridal salon I bought my gown from said $200, I was wondering if it could be less than that? I already went over budget with the gown!

Im wondering if it's reasonable -- she is after all going to take in a Size 12 to a Size 4 or 6. Thoughts? I hear good things about Renee (In Stitches), how much does she typically charge?


Re: How Much Did You Have to Pay for Alterations? Recs?

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    I used Reene.  My cost was $350 for:

    Bust taken in and cups added
    Sides taken in (through 3 layers of boning)
    8-point bustle
    Cathedral length drop viel
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    I just came from Ann @ Smart Dressmaking in Torance.  1507 Cabrillo.  310-328-0112.  I got a 3-point bustle, hem, taking in, and adding a rosette strap of the excess materials to be placed on one shoulder.  It's $118.  She's a pro.  It took her less than 10 minutes to assess my dress.  My dress is a La Sposa.   I will get my first fitting in 4 weeks; so I'll keep you posted. 
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    Thanks for the replies, jagore and ticosparents!

    @ticos- that's a great deal -- please do let me know how it goes! :)
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    Mine was $700.  It was taken in from a 10 to a 2.  I had boning added.  My dress was difficult though.  The outside layer was layer was silk that was quilted together and when it was taken in the design required that it be done in a symetrical manner.  My seamstress had to take the skirt off to do the bodice(which I am very glad I didn't see that--I would have freaked out).

    The dress was a Reem though, originally retailed for $4500. I got it for just under $1200 and Glamour closet and even with the cost of the expert alterations it was still under half of what I would have paid if I would have gone the retail route.

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    Wow...tilliea...that's a great deal!  Please do show us the dress after the alterations!
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    Ditto jagore - Reene with In Stitches is the best. I paid $300 for cups, bustle, taking the dress in and fixing a tear in the seam. She's the nicest woman too - just google Reene with In Stitches and you'll get her phone number. She doesn't do email, lol.
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    i just paid 140 + tax came out to be 153.39  but i honestly feel like i got ripped off (im on a extremely tight budget) but im not sure if i just dont know how much that stuff costs. my dress looks way better and i everyone will see my beautiful fuschia shoes so it may be worth it..

    they cut 4 inches off the dress it was way too long for me and added cups got done at davids bridal
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