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George Thompson Diamond Co.

This store is in Camarillo (used to be in the Oxnard high rise a long time ago), which is pushing the boundaries of LA, but the Central Valley/Coast board is dead so I'll post here.

Has anybody purchased anything here? FI and I went Friday with the intent of just looking, but I fell in love with a ring and he bought it. We had great customer service from Connie, and the ring was a great deal compared to my previous first choice (on Blue Nile). I had to leave the ring for sizing, so we'll come back to pick it up at the end of this week.

The reason for my post: after I got home, I read the Yelp reviews for the jeweler and not a single one is positive. Now I'm a little worried :( Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated!

Re: George Thompson Diamond Co.

  • I don't want to be negative, but I have lived in Camarillo my whole life, and haven't heard great things about the store. I actually went in to look at rings a couple months ago, found one I loved, but it was over budget, I ended up going to the diamond district and got the same quality ring/size for less. So if you ended up getting a good deal, that is great! 
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    I don't know about that particular jeweler but a similar thing happened to me.  We ended up returning the ring and going somewhere else; but, not just because of the reviews (all though they were a major red flag).  We had our own share of problems with the ring quality and customer service.  If you are truly worried about what kind of repair service you'll get in the future, go insure the ring and if anything major happens (lose a stone, something breaks), you can go to another jeweler (although you'll probably have to pay out-of-pocket for aesthetic repairs, resizing, etc.). 
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