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wedding location-sportsman lodge in studio city

has anyone had or been to a weddig at sportsman lodge in studio city?? i am condifering this place for mine but i wanted to see if anyone could help me with some advice???

Also, i am looking for a venue to host my ceremony and reception with 120 ppl. I want an outdoor/garden wedding and indoor reception... if anyone has suggestions i would love them!!!

Re: wedding location-sportsman lodge in studio city

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    I went to my cousins wedding 2 yrs ago. Before the HUGE remodeling. I have NOT returned maybe my input wouldn't be VERY helpful.

    I thought the ceremony location looked tired and needed a remodel. The swam pond smelled really bad and I heard everyone mention it.

    The food and indoor reception was GREAT! She had about 120ppl. It seemed like everything worked out perfectly for her, I didn't see any issues on the venues and everyone seemed to accomodate for her.

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    thanks! i guess i'm gonna have to just check out this pond and hopefully they got rid of the smell...

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    Yeah, I don't know what they've done since the remodel, but everything she said. ^
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    The Sportsmen's Lodge has been around for many years.  It's actually one of the oldest wedding venues in the Valley.  They were in budget when I considered them, but they were too far away from my ceremony location. 
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    I just booked my wedding at the sportsmens lodge and the new remodel was great. I was skeptical at first because last time I was there 4 yrs ago it was very country vibe. But the event space and even the hotel looked great.

    I'm having my ceremony outside and reception inside overlooking the garden/waterfall/pond area! My wedding is 5/29/2011 and I'm so excited!! It was very affordable too.

    Hope this helps!!
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