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Poll - Registry Items as X-mas Gifts?

Did anybody else get them? We got 4. We thought it was really thoughtful, but a friend was asking if we felt "cheated". He's getting married in June and earlier this year his grandma gave him a set of pots and pans for his birthday. Lol. What do you think?

p.s. the new poll function is not working for me today. booo.

Re: Poll - Registry Items as X-mas Gifts?

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    I wouldn't mind. It might mean you get more stuff off your registry than you otherwise would.

    I mentioned it to my mom and she was all, "Noooo! Registry stuff is for your wedding only!" Guess we won't be getting any birthday presents off the registry from her!
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    I don't mind it either.  My fiancees guest list usually gives cash, so I would welcome the opportunity to get some of the things off of our list :)
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    We just got some more stuff off our registry (with the wedding being last May!) and I didn't mind one bit.  I was actually going to go buy some more stuff off our registry that no one got us so it saved me a trip!
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    I actually received some gifts for our future place! I was so HAPPY and GRATEFUL!!!! My boss thought since so many expenses come to play when you are starting your new home and we are starting from scratch she thought giving us a little something would be helpful to us.

    Since I've actually known her since I was a little girl, she even said to me I don't just want to give you one BIG gift for the wedding I want to give you multiple gifts throughout the year to help both of you. So we are so grateful for that nice touch from her =D
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    I don't mind getting items off the registry.  I actually was a little naughty and bought one item off the registry for myself(our cake cutter which matches our silverware pattern, found it on ebay cheap).  I'm planning on getting it engraved once I get back to LA.

    My FMIL went nuts and got us a sleep number bed. Now we have to find a place to put the darn thing.
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    My parents got us our towels. I got so excited when I opened them. My dad was laughing at me, said he had never seen anyone so excited to get towels. I was a little embarrased, but I love the towels! =)
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