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Since we are in the subject of sweets (YUM). I'm so torn...cake or cupcakes.

One day I lean towards cupcakes and then another day I see these fabulous cakes and I say "oh I want a cake now" I can't seem to make up my mind.

So what leaned you to pick cake or cupcakes????Undecided


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    So we picked Cake because my fiancee likes fantsy pants things :)  And the cake stand and cutting fee were included at our reception site.

    We were looking at another site were that wasn't the case.   So if we had to pay a fee per person to cut the cake, and were going to have to rent a stand anyway, we would have gone with cupcakes because I think they are sooo cute :)
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    I love cupcakes! That was pretty much what I wanted from the beginning. I think they are fun. As popular as they seem to be, I have also never been to a wedding with cupcakes.

    As in pp, I believe they are cheaper per person especially considering we do not have to pay a cake cutting fee.
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    We're doing Cake because I LOVE CAKE and I want a good slice!!!  Me being greedy I think the cupcakes are small and I would be embarrassed to eat two Embarassed

    I know they make cupcakes in various sizes - but I have always wanted a cake.


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    I love both!  You could always have a small cake for you and FI so you can have the whole cake cutting effect and give the guests the fun stuff -- cupcakes =] just an idea
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    I agree with candee. Do both!

    i picked a cake becuase i love wedding cake and while you can do a lot of neat stuff with cupcake stands and stuff cakes are more decorative imo.
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    I vote cupcakes! It's my favorite dessert and it looks really cute when you put them on a stand. Plus not cutting fee.
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    We went with cake.
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    I second (...third?) the idea for both, haha. Have a fake cake, but with one real layer to cut, and then MOUNTAINS OF CUPCAKES!

    I'm not anywhere near that stage of planning yet, but I kinda feel like I don't care what I get, as long as I can smash some into my finace's mouth... and as long as it comes from Porto's...
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    We chose cupcakes because they tasted better than any of the cake we tasted.  We went with Frosted in Belmont Shore and everyone loved them.  Plus, they were just way more fun. 

    Just FYI though, some venues will still charge you a cake cutting fee.  They charge you the fee because they have to dirty their plates and provide napkins and someone to pass everything out.  They charged us $1 each instead of $1.75 each but they still charged.  guess it depends on the venue.
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