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Wedding on Carnival Cruse Line out of Long Beach????

Has anyone been or had a wedding on Carnival Cruse line sailing out of Long Beach. That is what we are thinking about doing but I would like to know a little more about it from someone who has acutely done it. I have spoken to Carnival and it seams like they handle everything and has great prices so it almost seams to good to be true.

Re: Wedding on Carnival Cruse Line out of Long Beach????

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    i was a wedding coordinator for carnival out of long beach for a year or so, and the weddings are great.  the coordinators and the ship staff take care of EVERYTHING.  you and your party get to board first to get ready, and the wedding takes place just before the ship leaves.  because of this, though, your reception is on a tight schedule as we had to shuffle everyone NOT sailing off of the ship by 3pm!  but the food is yummy, the dj's are great, and i love that you can bring your family and friends onboard even if they don't go for the cruise itself.  
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