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One sick furbaby

My poor taylor is one sick puppy tonight. He's been vomiting blood and passing bloody diarehea (sp) all day. We just got back from the vet and they perscribed him some meds and told us to monitor him through the night and early morning and see how he does. My heartbreaks just looking at him because I know he feels miserable and he gives me these huge pitiful eyes I almost want to cry.  I just needed to vent and I know its going to be one sleepless night.
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Re: One sick furbaby

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    sooo.. yet another update about Taylor.  So yesterday I think I mentioned that we left him at the vets for the day to be hooked up to IVs and get blood work done. We did all that and we were allowed to bring him home lastnight.  They have him on an extra medicine and although he seems to be doing better thanks to the IVs he's still having the diarhea but the vomiting seems to have subsided so thats good.. He sems to be  allittle livelier but still pretty out of it.
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