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Sweet Beginnings...

Feb 13th, 2010:  Eric, my FI, manages a cross country ski center at a maple farm in VT.  He'd told me in late January that there was going to be an employee bonfire at the farm to celebrate a successful ski season so far.  When the day of the bonfire came we had dinner at home and got on lots of warm clothes to go out on the snowmobile and groom the ski trails before the bonfire started. 
We rode on the snowmobile for about 5 mins and suddenly Eric stopped and said he wanted to show me an old sugar house he had found and wanted to fix up. We walked over to the sugar house and Eric told me to open the door...   I opened it and saw the most beautiful sight! Eric had covered the floor with rose petals and had candles burning everywhere and wood stove with a fire.  
In a sap bucket next to the door was two dozen roses and a bottle of champagne with two glasses.  I thought this must be a wonderful Valentines Day gift and all I could say was "You did all this for me!?!  For me??" 

Eric told me to put on a headlamp and look out the window because there was a beautiful view.... When I looked outside I saw a reflecting sign that read, "Heather, will you marry me?" I turned around and Eric was down on one knee holding a beautiful ring! Eric said, "Heather, will you spend the rest of your life with me?"  Of course I said "Yes!"
About an hour later while Eric and I were enjoying the beautiful night, Eric stepped outside for a moment and told me to stay inside and enjoy the fire.  I heard what sounded like a pack of animals coming toward the shack.  About a minute later the door opened and in came my closest friends!  Everyone knew all along except for me and no one let on! 
It turned out Eric had spent a month renovating the old sugar house - fixing up the roof, putting in new windows, and even bringing in the wood stove so that he could propose to me there!  How incredible!!!  I still feel so amazed that he did something so wonderful for me!

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