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XP: bad credit score may cancel wedding.

im not sure if this is the right spot for this- but need opinions from other brides to be. 

i just got engaged in may, but have been with him 3 yrs, and known him almost 10 yrs. wedding planned for next fall. 

i am very good with money, not that i have a lot of it by any means- but i do the most with what i have. i do not pay bills late, or bounce checks, or let a $20 bill burn a hole in my pocket. i saved and paid cash for everything from my truck, car, to new furniture, excetra excetra. the paying cash for so long ended up giving me a zero credit score. so this year i got 2 good credit cards and smartly used them to already have a 654+ credit score. its not a 750, but a huge jump. 

i already knew over the last 3 years of dating that my fiance is much more of a blower of money, and had a bumpy credit history. but he had a very decent paying job, his own apartment, cell phone, car, nice things, excetra. and he was working on fixing his credit...he said. 

well, about 3 weeks ago he moved in with me. and we both agreed id be the one who handles the money. well, come to find out- he has a severe money spending habit, and no managment skills. for years he constantly is over drawing his checking account for things he doesnt need, and knows he cannot afford. (like eating out, cologne, new cell phones, tvs, $400 watches, even $2 pops) the way his bank works, if he buys something, they will pay it and charge him a one time $30 fee for each thing. like a $50 dinner now costs $80, then a $20 movie costs $50, and even the $2 drink costs $32. then when his check gets deposited it usually would be enough to cover the items and fees, but not enough to keep him from blowing it again. and on top of that- he constantly pays bills late, so then there is the $$$ of the bill, what ever $3, $10, or $20 late fee he is charged for it being late, and almost always another $30 over draft fee on top of it. 
then there is also aparently a horrable credit history- like he maxed out any and every credit card and never paid it, has outstanding bills to cell phone companys and who else knows. 

here is my concern- im sure i can controle the money enough to get his account in the clear and never have it bounce again, and i can slowly show him the pitfalls of how much him over drafting has hurt and cost him over the years, and try to reteach him how to be responsible with money, and still be able to get all those nice things. it wont be easy, but hope full that it will work. the down side is that all of the expenses that have doubled now are all on me to cover till we actually get him a paycheck that isnt all owed to the bank. and his credit history. if its majorly bad- we cannot get married, cause it will shoot my score down, and will kill the chances of buying a house in a year or two. 

im not saying this will break us up at this point, but im asking if you would marry someones large debt and bad credit if you knew it would kill your good score and savings account?

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