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I want to get Married in July, but he wants to wait :-(

I've been with my FI for 6 years going on 7 this August. He finally proposed to me February 16th :-)  Since I've always known where and when I wanted to have our wedding, we decided to have the wedding July 23rd of this year. Because our venue is a very popular place to wed, there was only one Saturday left in the summer and I got it.  Since the wedding would be in 4 months, I started planning right away and I think my FI started feeling a little overwhelmed. I know we can do it but he is worried I will get all stressed out and he thinks we should wait a few more months. I do not want to get married past August and I cannot wait until summer 2012. How can I convince him everything will work out so we can keep the date July 23rd 2011? I have 5 talented ladies in my wedding party and between all of us we got this in the bag!! HELP PLEASE!!

PS money is not the issue...so how can I assure him I won't be too stressed?
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