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Need some advice on wedding planning.....

I have been thinking about how family-oriented I am but my fiancee doesn't have any family he's close to. How can I incorporate this and how will it affect wedding planning? I want to include my family but not make my fiancee feel left out! Advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Need some advice on wedding planning.....

  • Ask your Fi what we wants to be involved in and involve him in those things! :) On the things he doesn't, incorporate your family. 
    I can relate to your Fi. My family is just.. not that close. My mom chose to go to a dog show over going wedding dress shopping with me .. on my birthday. Yeah. hah. 
    Ultimately I was totally happy to not have my family super involved. My H and I planned every. single. little. detail of the wedding together because he wanted to be that involved (a huge reason I love him). But not all Fi (or women) want the man to be so involved in the wedding planning, and there is nothing wrong with that! 
    Chat with him over dinner about it, and give him a heads up on what you would like your family to be a part of. I'm sure he will understand. Just remember that it's his wedding, too :) 
    My H's family is suuuuper close and I don't feel like they rub it in my face by any means, so I really don't think you run the risk of him feeling that way or feeling left out as long as you let him be as involved as he wants to be. 
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