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Ring hunt from Hell

This is supposed to be easy, right?  Pick a ring, or set, and get planning on the wedding, right?  So why has trying to find a ring been such a night mare?  My FH is stationed overseas at the moment, and we did look at some rings before he had to leave.  And we have an idea.   He proposed with a CZ ring he got at Disneyland (#1) to hold until we got the real one.  But the metal alloy we discovered, I'm allergic to.  So we got another stand in ring (#2) while we looked for "the perfect one."  That got caught on something and smashed to twisted metal.  The ring we had ordered finally arrived (#3), and the center stone was the wrong one.  I almost don't care anymore.  Really, I don't.  But as it isn't just me invovled in this, we are trying for number 4.  I feel like we'll be married before we get this sorted out.  And in the mean time I'm crying in frustration.

How can I tell him, who is trying to make this the most perfect ring in the world be cause he loves me, that it isn't worth the greif and just screw it?
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