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St. Augustine Beach

My Proposal Story

It was a perfect day, sunny, warm but not too hot, with a slight ocean breeze spending our first Valentine's Day in St. Augustine (One of our favorite places). We had an amazing day just doing the usual things you do here, shopping, mini golf, eating amazing food, etc. Little did I know this Valentine's Day/ Birthday trip (my birthday is Feb. 15th) would be the day I got engaged. We had a great day doing all the things we wanted to do, we had reservations at a fancy resturant on a private beach front. The resturant was gorgeous, a wall of windows lined directly in front of the beach you could see the water changing colors in the sunset, our reservations were timed perfectly (he had checked to see what time the sun would be setting). We enjoyed the most AMAZING meal we both had ever had in our entire lives and after a delicious and amazing dinner we went out onto the beach at twilight. I was standing on the board walk just soaking in my day, relishing in the fact that it had been one of the most perfect days in my life so far my entire relationship has been amazing with this man who is also my best friend. I was watching the waves and the bright rising moon. He had told me to wait here he had to get my birthday present/Valentine's present out of the car. Which he had stored there in the backseat this morning in an enormous gift bag that took up half the backseat. But when he came back he was just carrying his coat in one arm, and started telling me how amazing his day had been and how much he loved me, and how the past six months had been the best of his life and he hoped they would continue, and as I was reciprocating I got a step ahead of him and he turned me in the sand as he dropped his coat and got down on one knee with a Gator blue ring box he asked the big question... "Will you marry me?" He was shaking and I was bawling, I cried and nodded for nearly 5 minutes before I could manage a YES. We began calling everyone we knew and even posted it on facebook. I have the perfect fiance who gave me the most beautiful ring Ive ever seen before and had apparently picked out a few weeks before when we were glacing at rings because we had been talking about getting married for a little while. We spent two hours walking up and down the beach calling everyone, we couldnt be more excited or happy.

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