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looking for a faux diamond ring

I usually post on theBump but had a question I thought you gals might be able to help with...

At my work I'm constantly having to remove my wedding set for various reasons and would like to purchase a faux diamond ring to wear to work. I'd like it to match my current set which should be pretty easy as it's a princess cut solitaire, 1 carat, white gold.  Simple enough.

Any recommendations on places to get a good fake?  Something that looks real and is good quality? You can PM me if you like.  I'd appreciate any recs as google reveals a lot of options that I'm just not so sure about.  Thanks!
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Re: looking for a faux diamond ring

  • When you're looking to buy a good quality fake engagement ring, it's best to know about faux diamond engagement rings and how to buy .Are you one of those people who still think that faux diamond jewellery is cheap . Faux diamonds are much cheaper so looking after them.
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