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When to have an engagement party??

Hi Everyone - I am newly engaged (1 month) and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about when to have an engagement party??  My FI and I are planning on having a destination wedding so our engagement party will have to be pretty big for everyone here at home who cannot make it to our wedding.  Is it typical to have the engagement party a few months after the proposal?  Is it just bridal party and family?  Any help or suggestions would be great - thanks!!

Re: When to have an engagement party??

  • You can have it whenever you want, but it should be closer to the time of your engagment than the wedding.  It is also proper etiquette to only invite those that will be invited to the wedding, and you should not throw one for yourself, someone should offer to thow it for you.
  • Congrats! Unfortunately, you do not get to plan your own engagement party. You get one when and if someone chooses to throw you one.
  • Thanks everyone.  My family will actually be throwing the party for us - just wanted to make sure we had the timing correct (closer to engagement than to wedding) :-)
  • Ah, Its closer to the engagement. Only have people invited who will also be invited to the wedding. Family, friends, etc..
  • Closter to the engagement, and  you can have whoever you want, but if you invite randoms, they should also be invited to the wedding,
  • Traditionally they were for the b & g's families to meet and get acquainted.  Like everything else in the wedding business, they're now huge and getting blown out of proportion.

    That being said, anyone who gets invited to the eparty MUST get an invitation to the wedding. 

    Just a thought, it's becoming more common to have an 'at home reception' after a destination wedding - it's basically the reception part to celebrate with everyone.  This may be more of what you're looking for, but if you do it, don't pretend to get married again.  Just have an awesome time with loved ones.
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